Casey Fenton QPIB

Account Executive, Integra Insurance Brokers, WA
Age: 22

What has been your career pathway in broking?

My career started in 2009 ago as the receptionist for my current brokerage. Since then I have had a very fast-paced career pathway.

A position became available in the brokerage’s personal lines department as an assistant broker. After expressing my interest I was offered the job and began learning about the world of insurance.

From here, I moved into the commercial lines department as an assistant broker working alongside my Managing Director and Director. I assisted them for three years and during this time I completed my Tier 1 in Insurance Broking.

To my surprise, in 2012 I won two Steadfast-ANZIIF Awards, one of which provided me with a scholarship to complete my Diploma in Insurance Broking, which I successfully managed in 2013.

It was also in 2013 that I was offered a position within my brokerage as an account executive managing my own portfolio of 250 clients. This was an opportunity too good to miss.

Although very daunting, I accepted the challenge and embarked on another fast learning curve as I continue expanding my insurance knowledge and skills.

What areas of broking do you specialise in?

My portfolio consists of SME clients. I enjoy servicing SME clients because of the vast variety of business types – it’s always interesting to learn about your client’s business, especially if it’s an industry that you know very little about. You begin to develop a pool of knowledge about different industries and learning about one client’s business helps you to understand more about the next.

What are your professional ambitions?

Ideally, I would like my career to lead into a position within the corporate insurance area. I see corporate insurance as an area that would really challenge my abilities as a broker and provide me with the chance to further my skills and experience.

You earned your QPIB designation in 2014. Why is broker education important to you personally?

I consider broker education important because the insurance industry is an ever changing world. Keeping updated and informed is vital – the learning never stops! The sooner a young broker can begin their diploma studies, the sooner you can begin expanding your broking skills and knowledge. It’s the best way to ensure that you’re up-to-date with the insurance industry.

I only attained QPIB relatively recently, but am looking forward to finding out the benefits and opportunities it brings. If nothing else, it’s helped raise my profile and given me national exposure by appearing in this NIBA ad campaign, and that’s a great start! Anything you can do as a young broker to get your name out there and help raise your profile is always going to be of benefit.

What do you enjoy most about a career in insurance broking?

It’s constantly changing – no two days are the same and you never stop learning. I love the challenges that are thrown your way each day, for example, finding cover for a hard to place risk or finalising involved claims. Insurance broking keeps me on my toes and challenges me to think outside of the box.

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