Insurance career testimonials

Insurance is a great industry to be in and one that is fulfilling in a variety of ways. Our video below features a range of young insurance professionals speaking about the benefits of a career in insurance.

Below that you can read testimonials from insurance professionals of all ages and level of experience who can attest that a career in insurance is full of rewards.

What’s the best thing about a career in insurance?

“The best thing for me is the opportunity to gain an insight into such a variety of industries and businesses. And to be a trusted adviser at the board room table of our clients and know that you are adding value. It is a great career that can take you as far as you want to go if you are prepared to put in the effort.”
Cheryl Richardson, Darwin, NT

“The variety within the day to day and the opportunity to learn from, as well as work with, all business sizes, ownership models and industries – and then tailoring solutions to each. It is consistently testing but particularly rewarding when the work is life changing for your customer.”
Luke Eagle, Sydney, NSW

“Working in insurance has given me a greater understanding for my fellow Australians and what makes this country tick. It’s a great feeling to have discussed the needs of a client and to provide them peace of mind that they are protected. I have met a lot of interesting people since working in insurance and I look forward to making more great connections in the years to come.”
Steven Purser, Brisbane, QLD

“No two days are ever the same. We are challenged on a daily basis to understand what our clients do and what their real needs are. Insurance may not always be thrilling but what our clients do is very exciting.”
Alexandra Fox-Slater, Perth, WA

“Making a difference to the community in the time of need, the variety of work and career opportunities, and the friendships with clients and underwriting partners. Let’s not forget there is nothing wrong with having fun either, which we are able to balance fun with hard work.”
Tim Wedlock, Sydney, NSW

"The people. Some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met have been insurance brokers. I have had a number of informal mentors who have generously given me invaluable time and advice over the years, without which I would not be the person I am today."
Samantha Forkas, Melbourne, VIC

“Being faced with a different challenge every day. Whether it’s providing professional advice through to assisting with a major loss, I enjoy making a difference, providing a high level of service and seeing my work benefit my clients and their businesses.”
Vanessa Morton, Sydney, NSW

"The challenge of assisting clients with difficult risk placement or claims is the most satisfying part of the role. It is incredibly rewarding when you are able to assist somebody who may have exhausted all other avenues previously and you were the one person who was able to help them. I also enjoy knowing that your career advancement is placed almost entirely in your own hands. If your intention is to build your own clientele, become more qualified in the field or specialise in a certain area, then there are plenty of opportunities to do this in the Insurance Broking industry."
Adam Ware, Wonthaggi, VIC

"It’s constantly changing – no two days are the same and you never stop learning. I love the challenges that are thrown your way each day, for example, finding cover for a hard to place risk or finalising involved claims. Insurance broking keeps me on my toes and challenges me to think outside of the box."
Casey Fenton, Mandurah, WA

“Being given the opportunity to help people. In the global space, our clients really recognise and appreciate us as part of their team and our services are respected accordingly. It is an important job for us to make sure our clients’ interests are protected and I take pride in helping them to achieve this on a daily basis.”
Ben McKinnie, Chicago, USA (via Brisbane, QLD)

"What I enjoy most about my career is all the challenges that keep coming. I love being able to take the time and gain an understanding of the client, what their needs are and how my skills will be able to provide an outcome suitable for that particular client. I also enjoy the satisfaction that you get in assisting a client through a challenging claim scenario."
Madeline Barra, Townsville, QLD

"The most enjoyable part of my career is getting to know people and helping their businesses survive. We are an invaluable service provider to the SME market. It’s also great to network across many different industries."
Daniela Zaccone, Adelaide, SA

"The most rewarding part is being able to genuinely help people when they’re in compromised situations. Over my career I have experienced several total loss fires; had around a dozen flood claims in the Brisbane floods of 2011; and had many long and protracted business interruption claims. Fortunately all of them ended in a favourable result. That feeling you get after helping a business get back to its full potential after such tragic events is a feeling you will only get in a handful of industries. Thankfully insurance is one of them."
Shane Brady, Dandenong, VIC

“I love the industry because of what it does: insurance protects the assets, the exposures, the valuables and what is dearest to its customers.  We are there for people when they most need someone to sort out their claim and get them back on the road, or in their house, or to restore them to their pre-loss condition.”
Nas Taseer, Sydney, NSW

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