NIBA member testimonials

Whether you're a broker Principal or a new entrant to the industry, NIBA plays a vital role in supporting you and your business. Here's some feedback from our members from all over Australia about why NIBA is relevant to them.

Why NIBA matters to me

“Being a NIBA member is my way of identifying with and supporting an association that has given so much to our Industry and continues to do so. Every broker in Australia ought to be a member of NIBA.”
Bunmi Ajayi, Megalines Insurance & Risk Advisers, VIC

"NIBA has provided me with the education and opportunities that have allowed me to grow and develop as broker. Because of NIBA I’ve also had more opportunities to network within the industry and to meet great people. It is also comforting to know that we are represented by an industry body that has our best interests at heart."
Bronte Neville, Client Executive, Queenscorp Insurance Services, QLD

"It’s a challenging regulatory environment at present, but the work NIBA does in representing brokers’ interests should never be undervalued. I believe every broker should be proud of that work, and every broker should support it."
David Wyner, Managing Partner, Reliance Partners, VIC

"Most importantly, NIBA is our representative on regulation and legislation, as well as updating the industry on potential and recent legislative changes, giving brokers the opportunity to focus on adding value to our customers and communities."
Luke Eagle, Strategic Business Manager, Milne Alexander, NSW

"NIBA provides industry training with facilitated by experienced industry professionals. NIBA connects broking professionals nationally with enjoyable industry events such as the Convention."
Alexandra Fox-Slater, Client Executive, Aon, WA

"NIBA is very important to me as the industry advocate. It's also a real resource of information and assistance, and a great support to foster the development of the many talented people in our game."
Nigel Clutterbuck, Managing Director, Steadfast Taswide, TAS

"NIBA plays an important role being an advocate for brokers and supports both its brokers and the wider community to ensure government regulations affecting our clients are fair. Also by implementing a standardised level of training, NIBA ensures consistency of professional standards and promotes a positive image of brokers in the wider community. We all benefit from that."
Jessica De Vries, Account Executive, IC Frith, NSW

"NIBA’s involvement here provides an excellent platform to increase the number of events in the Territory. Encouraging those new to the industry to qualify beyond Tier 1 has been important to me and I believe NIBA’s increased profile in the Territory will inspire younger brokers to continue with their studies to Diploma level and beyond."
Cheryl Richardson, State Executive - NT, Marsh, NT

"NIBA continually lobbies and reinforces the message that brokers are different to the rest of the financial services sector and how their professionalism and expertise provide protection today to ensure our clients’ futures. I can only imagine what would have been imposed on us by government and regulators and where we would be today had it not been for the work of NIBA."
Graham Stevens, Director, Edgewise Insurance Brokers, VIC

"I have been on the YP NIBA Committee for SA for three years now and it has really made me appreciate how hard NIBA strives to provide support to all of us within the industry. For me, NIBA has provided the qualifications I need to grow in my career and continues to provide me with skills to further enhance my professional development."
Genevieve Mathews, Client Executive, Aon, SA

"It provides our peers with representation, opportunities for professional and personal development, and brilliant opportunities for networking. I like to stay involved with NIBA as I believe we must all participate in our future and support and guide our colleagues to continue to improve who we are and what we do."
Steven Hill, Corporate AR, Aon, QLD

"NIBA is an association that not only protects and looks after its individuals, but our businesses as well, always aiming to get the best outcomes in regard to current issues that can directly affect us as brokers. I think it’s incredibly important that we have an association like this for our profession."
Carlie Griggs, Divisional Manager - Specialty, JLT, NSW

"Being a member of NIBA has encouraged me to further my studies. At a time where we are unsure how the future of our profession will look, it’s good to know that NIBA is there working hard for the betterment of its members and the industry."
Steven Purser, Account Executive, Austcover, QLD

"NIBA's representation means that we can focus on providing professional advice and valued services to our clients. NIBA also provides the platform for industry networking, development programs (such as mentoring) and education, all of which are important to the continued development of our profession and its people."
Vanessa Morton, Director, Gary Morton Insurance Brokers, NSW

To apply for NIBA membership, as a business, or as an individual, contact our Memberships Manager Audi Witsen (02) 9459 4308 or email